Apply for a Grant

How to Apply for a Grant

Submit a Letter of Interest outlining your proposed project and the funding required. Your organization will be notified whether or not more information is required.

Criteria for the Letter of Interest:

  • Organization name, address
  • Executive Director and contact person
  • Phone and Fax numbers
  • Web and email addresses
  • Charitable registration number
  • Brief description of your organization

Description of the proposed project

  • Project Title
  • Community impact and who will benefit from this project
  • Amount requested and total budget
  • Start up and completion date
  • Specific details on how the funds will be used – specific items covered by funds from the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria
  • Describe your involvement and collaboration with other agencies and in-kind contributions in this project
  • How will you recognize funding from the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria?

When submitting your Letter of Interest please send:

  1. an electronic copy to
    email address:,
    subject line: “Parks and Rec”
  2. and a hard copy to
    Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria
    #1 Centennial Square, Victoria, BC, V8W 1P6

A member of the Board of Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria will contact you by phone, email or in writing regarding consideration of funding for your project.

Projects must primarily benefit and enhance the parks system, community leisure services or recreation services within, but not restricted to, the City of Victoria.