The Parks and Recreation Foundation
supports local initiatives throughout Greater Victoria

The Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria was established in October 1993 with the purpose of enhancing the parks system, community leisure services and recreation services within, but not restricted to, the City of Victoria. In 2009, public art and related education were added to the purpose. In 2011/2012 the Foundation expanded its mandate to include support of horticultural garden projects across the whole Capital Region.

By joining us as a partner, your tax-deductible donation helps to enhance the green spaces, leisure facilities and recreation services in the City of Victoria and also recreation services within the Capital Region.

Our Mission

  • To enhance the parks system, community leisure services, recreation services, horticultural projects and public art and related education in the City of Victoria and throughout the Capital Region
  • To actively solicit and receive donations and bequests of money, gifts in kind and services for endowment funds and projects approved by the Foundation
  • To administer donations and bequests, and to invest and expend funds for the purposes of the Foundation
  • To publicly recognize donations and bequests, with the consent of the donor
  • To consider other undertakings which may be referred to the Foundation by the City of Victoria or other not-for-profit bodies