Horticultural Fund

In 2012 the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria established its Horticultural Fund after a generous donation by a Victoria resident. The initial donation established an endowment fund hosted by the Victoria Foundation. The Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria receives the annual income distributed by the Victoria Foundation.

The purpose of the Horticultural Fund is to encourage and assist in the development of horticultural initiatives such as community gardens and enhanced green spaces throughout the Greater Victoria area.

Donations to the Horticultural Fund will be used to provide grants to horticultural projects in Greater Victoria or added to the endowment fund at the Victoria Foundation to provide future benefits if specified by the donor. Donations to the endowment fund may also be made directly to the Victoria Foundation.

If you have a project in mind that you want to support with a donation to the Horticultural Fund and would like to discuss this with one of our Board Members, please send an email with your phone number to prfvictoria@gmail.com and one of us will call you promptly.