Gifts for Life

Are you considering leaving a donation in you last will and testament? Will this donation be in the form of a bequest, gift of residue, life insurance policy or other? How do you envision your donation being used by us?

There are many issues to consider when planning this. Please contact us so we can help you  make the right decision.

We can each live to its fullest in our wonderful community and leave a rich legacy for future generations.

4 thoughts on “Gifts for Life

  1. Laura Giandomenico

    I am interested in acquiring information about the cost to purchase a tree in memory of my mom. I feel I must tell you that I do not have significant funds but I am very interested to find out what I can do in this regard.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Yoka

      Hello Laura
      Thank you for your question in regards to a memorial tree.
      The City of Victoria’s Memorial Tree Program is on hold while they review the recommendations from the recently approved Urban Forestry Strategy plan. I do not know the status of this review process, but was advised to contact their Parks Department in the beginning of summer when more information may be available. You can contact the City of Victoria’s Parks Department at 250-361-0600 if you wish.
      The Parks & Recreation Foundation has a current project where we will be funding the planting of Gary Oak trees at the St Ann’s Academy Greenway. This is a memorial project whereby the names of the honorees will be listed in a book at St. Ann’s.
      Please let us know if you are interested in either project and need more information. We appreciate you interest in our Foundation.

  2. Heather

    How can I find out if there are any available memorial benches or if there will be any more new benches? When I telephoned on January 27, 2014, I was told that the program was on hold and was being assessed but would likely start up again in early summer, that a bench was available near the Laurel Point and that I could put my name on the waitlist (I did so) if it was going to be leased out again. It’s now late summer/early fall and the website contains no new information about the benches and I haven’t heard anything more about the waitlist. What is the current status of the benches and their availabilty?

    1. Yoka

      Hello Heather, Unfortunately we still have no information from the City on the status of the memorial bench program. As soon as this program is running again we will update our website. I am sorry this is taking so long.

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