Parks & Recreation Foundation of Victoria

Donations under $5,000

Donations under $5,000

$150 – $2000 – Child and Youth Recreation Equipment

Help us attract our young people to sporting activities — and keep them involved for a lifetime of learning through play.

$2500 – Park Benches

Dedicate a comfortable seat to a loved one. The parks department will help locate the bench, complete with memorial plaque, for all to see and enjoy.

$3000 – Picnic Tables

Join us to select the perfect setting for memorable outdoor meals. “Your” table is ready and waiting.

$3600 – Drinking Fountain

Provide a cool, refreshing drink of water. Add a dog dish as well for your furry friends. Let us toast your health with nature’s favorite beverage.

$3600 – Cluster Lighting

Help us enjoy our parks by night. Light the way for safety and comfort.