Parks & Recreation Foundation of Victoria

Current Projects

Memorial Bench Program

This program enables you to honour the memory of loved ones and friends with a memorial plaque on a bench. The City of Victoria has recently informed us that they will not be installing any new benches this year until their staff has an opportunity to find new sites. Please check back at a later date.

Horticulture Fund

The Feeding Ourselves and Others innovative community partnership at Seven Oaks Tertiary Mental Health Facility  located in the Blenkinsop Valley in Saanich provides therapeutic food growing opportunities for clients  while also providing fresh produce to the Mustard Seed Food Bank and Our Place.

Dr Inazo Nitobe Memorial Japanese Garden at Royal Jubilee Hospital.

Beacon Hill Children’s Farm

The Foundation contributed $5,000 for the new security system.

Gifts for Life

Please consider leaving a gift to the Foundation at a later date. The City of Victoria has recently advised us that this program is on hold until staff can identify what kinds of amenities are needed and where they can be placed.

Memorial Tree Planting

The City of Victoria has advised us that no planting will occur until 2015 when they will have new policies in place for this program.

Friends of St. Ann’s Academy

The Foundation contributed $1500 towards tree planting in the Greenway.

Fern Street Park

A grant of $2750 was given to the North Jubilee Neighbourhood Association for renewal of the neighbourhood park on Fern St.

Gorge Park Community Gardens

A grant of $2500 was given to the Gorge Park Community Gardens Project in 2014.

Henderson Rhododendron Park

The Foundation gave $1366 towards this garden project in Oak Bay.

Uplands Park

Parks & Recreation Foundation of Victoria donated $5000 to the Friends of Uplands Park towards the construction of an informative kiosk (at the entrance to Uplands Park) which will highlight the fragile Garry Oak ecosystems in the area.

Quadra School

$1500 was donated to École Quadra School for the greening of their school grounds.